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Unfortunately, in the day and age that we live in, we are presented with many threats to both our personal safety and the safety of our possessions. There are plenty of criminals out there that will take any opportunity to make a quick buck and an unguarded property may seem like an easy target.

Having trained, uniformed guards patrolling your property is a huge deterrent to criminals as guards make it virtually impossible for burglars and criminals to enter your property. Guards are also able to report on any suspicious activity and call for immediate assistance from the armed response unit.


Come through to our showroom to see a choice selection of the finest Stereo and Home Theatre Equipment on offer. If you have something specific in mind, we will endeavor to source the equipment for you. We love our music and movies here, so we are always willing to help you achieve the best results for your budget


Our Commercial Division is manned by trained experts and we offer a wide range of solutions for all your commercial endeavors. From boardrooms to factories, we have the best, cost-effective solution. We also offer maintenance and service contracts to keep your systems running smoothly.

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